SmartView Connect: Woolpert Maps on the Web

SmartView® Connect (SVC) is a platform for hosting Woolpert’s geospatial data on the web and is born of our ongoing efforts to develop innovative ways to utilize our products. SVC is a re-imagining of the ways that Woolpert delivers data—a commitment to creating new experiences and new workflows for our clients. It enables us to deliver content in novel ways, and to land our products on wide range of platforms.

SVC is more than just a viewer; it’s an integrated system of processing, serving, and viewing capabilities:

  • High-Performance, Commodity Compute Cluster
  • Image Cache Builder w/ GDAL
  • OGC Web Service Implementations
  • GeoServer and ArcGIS® Server
  • SmartView Connect for Apache Flex™

To date, our primary focus has been targeting our web services to serve SmartView Connect for Apache Flex, our browser-based map application, but the services and infrastructure we’ve established enable us to distribute data to a range of other desktop, web, and mobile clients, as well.

With SmartView Connect we’re making our clients’ data more accessible and providing tools and services that empower users to integrate those products with existing data and other third-party sources.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts highlighting some of the success stories of this initiative and details of the software and standards that make it possible.

SmartView is a registered trademark of Woolpert, Inc. ArcGIS is a registered trademark of Esri. Apache Flex is a trademark of The Apache Software Foundation. All trademarks are used only for proper description and do not indicate sponsorship or endorsement.

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