Creating LiDAR Processes for NextGen Sensors

LiDAR data is Big Data, really Big Data; and getting exponentially Bigger with every technology advance. By big we’re talking about many millions of records a second. Records that have to be decoded from a raw bit stream, calibrated, converted to earth coordinates, noise filtered, and written to disk. Client expectations are also increasing exponentially; next day delivery of LiDAR, digital elevation models (DEM), and orthophotography is the new target for many of our Federal and State clients.

woolpert_labs is working with the latest emerging LiDAR technologies to develop astoundingly fast solutions to this problem. We’re creating software that accelerates the creation of georeferenced point clouds from raw sensor data. Software that is now capable of real time performance and getting faster. This leaves us the necessary time to run advanced noise cleaning algorithms we’ve developed and still produce a final DEM product before the sun dawns on the next flight day.

Woolpert has always been on the forefront of LiDAR mapping. We anticipated the next revolution in LiDAR technology and now are poised to deliver exceptional processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) solutions for this new wave of sensor systems.

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