When Agent-Oriented Programming Works

Provided by guest blogger, KC Kroll, Woolpert PM, Denver

The GEOINT Symposium is always a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues, get updates and insight from the keynote speakers, and check out all the vendors in the exhibit hall.  As expected, sequestration was a topic discussed just about everywhere.  Consequently, there was also significant discussion of Open Source products as a necessity of needing to do more with less in this environment of persistent budget cuts.

The number of vendors in the exhibit hall was amazing.  There were almost too many booths to take in over the course of the conference.  In addition to some cool historical artifacts like a Russian SA-2 missile from the Cuban missile crisis, and a working Enigma machine from World War II displayed by the NSA, there were a lot of innovative technologies being displayed.  One really interesting display was from Ball Aerospace where they were showing off their Total Sight real-time, full motion color LiDAR system.  Their software provides rapid fusing, ortho-rectification, and georeferencing of LiDAR data.  You can basically see real-time georeferenced LiDAR data as it is acquired.

Another cool new technology was from Recorded Future.  They provide a tool for predictive analytics harvested from information on the internet.  The tool plows through big data and utilizes algorithms to extract and correlate keywords that have some temporal aspect associated with them.  The result is a really interesting timeline.  They’ve performed a fascinating analysis of letters from Osama Bin Laden.

The highlight of the exhibit hall for me was getting the chance to talk with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper as he stopped by the Woolpert booth.


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