GIS and Purdue University

Provided by guest blogger Matt Hutchinson, subject matter expert, Dayton

Woolpert recently had the opportunity to connect with students and staff at Purdue University for their annual GIS Day. Larry Theller from the Agricultural and Biological Engineering department was our host, and we interacted with people from a range of other departments including Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Forestry and others. Woolpert staff were invited to participate in a roundtable discussion on the topic of “Mobile GIS Technology in Startups and Student Development” and also give the keynote address titled “Big Data and Geospatial: An Imagery Perspective.”

It was a great way to communicate how Woolpert is tackling geospatial problems common in the industry, describe our unique insights across a range of topics and provide concrete examples of how the concepts learned in college can be applied in a practical manner. We were able to answer questions from students and staff, and provide advice regarding career direction and ways to maximize employability. After the roundtable and the keynote, we had the chance to eat lunch with students and informally chat about how GIS is being used at Purdue and the research that is being undertaken.

Woolpert values these visits to universities, especially when we can hear first-hand from students about their current projects and aspirations for the future. Understanding, training and advising the next generation of geospatial professionals is key to the future of Woolpert, Indiana and the United States. We are looking forward to GIS Day next year and another opportunity to visit this fantastic campus.

In attendance: Chris Morabito, Matt Hutchinson

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