Woolpert + Google

We’re pretty excited about a new partnership Woolpert has entered into with Google —one which allows us to offer additional software services and imagery that compliments the ones we have already been offering for years. We are now officially an authorized Google Enterprise partner! What this means is we can leverage Google’s cloud infrastructure and expansive imagery dataset for clients’ mapping and geospatial needs.

We’ve always offered a suite of GIS solutions that we believe best fit our clients’ needs, and we will still offer the same where we see fit. In fact, the Google Geo suite now adds one more highly functional tool to our toolbox.

Since we understand how Google geo solutions integrate with clients’ existing GIS solutions—often ones we’ve helped put in place—we are now even better equipped to help them easily and securely get their organizational information into the hands of their users, decision makers and, in some cases, the general public.

The great part about this new capability is that almost everyone is familiar with Google Maps. Whoever the end users will be, they don’t have to learn a brand new tool. Yet even with these solutions being built on a standard platform, we can still develop custom solutions based on specific user requirements and workflows. And it’s Google—so obviously it’s all in the cloud.

Essentially, because it’s based in the cloud, clients don’t have to acquire new infrastructure or personnel to host their data, like they might with other options, so they save on the intangible costs that commonly get overlooked when determining the total cost of ownership of their GIS system.

In addition to the software and services, we will also be offering Google’s aerial imagery. This option doesn’t replace our customized, authoritative datasets, but it does allow us to supplement them with Google’s non-authoritative imagery. The fact is many clients just don’t need the highly customized data we currently offer; some are looking for the best value they can get for smaller budgets. We see this relationship as simply yet another way we can expand our offerings to existing and potential clients.

These are exciting times at Woolpert, and we are very pleased that we have the opportunity to continue to bring top-of-the-line technology and imagery solutions to our clients! In many ways, we started woolpert_labs to be our own (albeit, very small) version of Google Labs, and the opportunity to work with Google is just one more reason why we enjoy what we do, as much as we do.

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