Footprint: Your Favorite New Law Enforcement Tool

This week, Footprint debuted version 1.1 of its crime analytics and video foresnics tool for law enforcement professionals.

Why the excitement? We believe that the core of this tool, advanced geospatial technology, will allow for new benefits that law enforcement experts have been craving for the last decade.

Combining real-time mapping and analytics with video forensics, Footprint can be easily tailored for facility management, emergency response or visualizing any geo-located data, while saving time and effort.

We’ve complied nine reasons we believe this software is changing the game:

  1. It creates city-scale situational awareness by blending crime and infrastructure data with advanced sensor technology.
  2. The software simultaneously fuses hundreds of sensor and data inputs to provide complete contextual awareness.
  3. It requires minimal training by developing an intuitive visualization platform.
  4. It alerts law enforcement officials to critical situations.
  5. The software reduces the time required for forensic analysis by a minimum of 30 percent.
  6. It maximizes the real-time value of information through sensor enhancements.
  7. It leverages both 2-D and 3-D GPS-accurate maps.
  8. The software creates a plug-and-play architecture to leverage legacy investments.
  9. And it is highly configurable and uses the latest web technologies, ensuring it works on smart mobile devices.

For more information, visit Footprint’s website or contact

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