Scan-to-BIM: Creating the Fly-through

What happens when you combine powerful 3D scanning and imaging, cutting-edge architectural modeling, graphic design and animation software, and creativity?

You create a new way to illustrate reality for your clients and their stakeholders.

We were fortunate to work with Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) to deliver a perfectly blended product using our technical and creative services. When called upon to create a spatially accurate model and fly-through animation of an existing station and pedestrian bridge, we did the following:

  1. Scanned and acquired a colorized 3D point cloud of the station
  2. Ingested the point cloud into building information modeling (BIM) software
  3. Quickly converted it into a highly accurate model
  4. Animated the model for the final fly-through

Watch for yourself what can be achieved.

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