USGS Finds a Trusted Partner in Woolpert for Testing New Lidar Tech

Last year, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) wanted a trusted partner to help evaluate the new lidar technologies of Geiger Mode and Single Photon that were recently introduced to the market by Harris Corp. and Sigma Space Corp. (now Hexagon), respectively. Our well-respected reputation and technical expertise in the field made the case for USGS, which helped its quest for an independent partner to evaluate the technology and advise it on the lidars’ suitability for the 3DEP program.

The USGS issued a task order for a Woolpert team lead by me to work with USGS’ physical scientist Dr. Jason Stoker and the Dewberry team to conduct thorough and scientific analysis of the datasets collected over 500 square miles in northern Connecticut.

Woolpert finalized the analysis and findings and issued its final report ahead of schedule.

“It looks great and is very thorough,” Dr. Stoker commented after evaluating the report.

The findings were revealed in a joint special session during the ILMF2016 in Denver and the ASPRS-IGTF2016 in Fort Worth.

COMING SOON: Beside the many articles and news venues which covered the evaluation event, Mr. Stoker, Mr. Nayegandhi of Dewberry and I are co-authoring a peer-review paper to be published in a special issue of the Remote Sensing journal. The paper will shed more light on the data and analysis methodologies.”

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