Live from the Autodesk University Conference!!


Follow my Experience this year at AU on Woolpert Labs! I will be posting daily updates of my experience. For those that do not know Autodesk University is a great way to expand your knowledge of the technology you currently use but also gain valuable insight into what new advances are being made in the AEC industry. It can be a breath of fresh air if you are a technology nut like I am! Filled with inspiring Keynote speakers, hundreds of software specific classes and hands-on labs it is sure to satisfy the Geek in us all! So Stay Tuned!


Day 1

The anticipation of day one has got me up early today! Nerd O’clock comes early for those wanting to learn! Today I will be diving into the computational design workshops using Dynamo with Revit and other applications to see the power of this very intriguing tool.


Dynamo is a very powerful and extremely complex tool. Everything from performing simple tasks like changing all text in Revit from lowercase to uppercase to driving a model based on multiple data inputs that can be manipulated as constraints change. We are entering the rabbit hole that is Dynamo!


Day 2

“Zero to CD’s in 90 min. With Revit”

This class was focused on the necessity for a well thought out template to aid in the production of documents. It is imperative that tools and repetitive tasks are built into your template to


The AU Keynotes always get you motivated, inspired, and ready to get moving back in the office. This year we were introduced to the African Design Centre ( ) who are working toward a more equitable, just, and sustainable Africa. They focus on an immersive design build process.

We also heard from a 16 year old who I think inspired us all! She was a founder of the FIRST program ( ) for students that introduces them to robotics in a stem learning environment. We can all learn from our youth and should because they are going to be the leaders of tomorrow!

Technology is advancing and becoming a better design partner. Machines are getting smarter and more creative. But this is all possible because of our involvement and input or the natural talent. Its is exciting to think about the possibilities in our near future with infinite computing power, generative design, augmented reality, virtual reality and he like. You can watch the opening keynote here ( )

“Exhibit Hall”

The exhibit Halle’s opened today! Its s great place to connect, get insights on new tech and just see some really cool stuff! Weather you are looking for some swag something to eat, drink or just watch what’s happening it’s the place to be at AU!

Day 3

“Be flexible at AU”

It never fails that your perfectly planned out class schedule will go out the window when you get to AU. But that’s perfectly ok! Perfect example today my morning class was canceled do to the speaker having an emergency….or just a really great night in vegas! Either way I had to find another class to walk into. It turned out to be a great class and I was glad to make the change. Sometimes it can be hit and miss at AU with the classes. It’s important to remember you can always leave one and go to another. There are plenty of options.

“Product innovation Keynote”

Today’s keynote was all about the ways that Autodesk is changing the tools to be more integrated, streamlined and hat share common data. It was great to hear from different industries like the movie creators and product fabricators to see how we all make things has a lot in common. The construction industry was at the center of the AEC talks. The technology changes in the construction industry are helping shape a new relationship between designers, fabricators and builders. Finally getting us all on the same page.

“More families in motion”

This was an amazing class led by an AU legend! If you have ever tried to give motion to you families or wondered if it is possible then this class is for you! We looked at taking a very complex concept and executing it in a “ridiculously simple” way!

“More adventure in the exhibit hall”

Today I had a lot of great conversations and insights into some very cool tech! At Woolpert we have been looking into our workflows for rendering and what will work best for us internally. Well Lumion may be the answer. This is such a robust but simple way to go from model to realistic visualization. It can help cut down the time needed to process complex animations and renders! More to come on this once I am back in the office….

I also got to try where about $250,000 on my back! This backpack laser scanner is pretty amazing. It allows a user to walk through, any space and capture that space as a fully registered point cloud. Obviously it comes with a cost but it really packs a punch!

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