I am thrilled to announce the release of Woolpert’s new product, STREAM:RASTER™.

STREAM:RASTER is a break-through platform for hosting geospatial imagery in the cloud. In 2011, Woolpert released SmartView Connect®, a web-based platform for viewing imagery and other data sets. While beloved by our clients for image quality and performance, SmartView Connect does have its limitations. The platform’s processing and web hosting are performed largely on premises, so fixed storage capacities and bandwidth limit our ability to process and serve data.

We are frequently asked if we offer a similar platform for GIS—a managed service with the same performance and image quality as SmartView Connect. STREAM:RASTER is that platform.

When Woolpert partnered with Google Cloud, we saw the value of Google’s processing, storage and serving capabilities to revolutionize our data pipelines. We set out to build the next generation of software that powers SmartView Connect—image processing and APIs reimagined with a cloud-first mindset.

The data pipeline leverages serverless technology, rapidly scaling up to process large data sets, then scaling back down to zero when not needed. The raster API is composed of containerized microservices that flex to meet demand. Cloud data storage has unlimited capacity, and redundancy and readiness can be tuned to control cost. All of it is secured and managed with the same technology Google uses for its own APIs.

The true power of STREAM:RASTER is how easily it integrates into your favorite geospatial applications and map libraries. Built-in support for the OGC WMTS standard makes it easy to stream image tiles into GIS clients like ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Desktop or QGIS. We also made sure you can quickly add layers to your web maps (like ArcGIS, Google Maps, Mapbox or OpenLayers) with a simple URL template.

For the first time, we’re putting this powerful technology in your hands. Get the same experience our clients love from SmartView Connect as a managed service with helpful support from Woolpert experts.

Move those image archives off your hard drives and out of your data center—stream them from the cloud with STREAM:RASTER!

See STREAM:RASTER in action. Check out our demos.

Questions? Learn more and contact sales.

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