By On January 27, 2016

Renaissance: Your Other Option Alongside UAS

Some people claim that you can’t mimic imagery from an unmanned aerial system (UAS). Although we’re experienced with the immense power of UAS, we’ll have to disagree to a certain extent.

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By On September 30, 2015

Scan-to-BIM: Creating the Fly-through

What happens when you combine powerful 3D scanning and imaging, cutting-edge architectural modeling, graphic design and animation software, and creativity?

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By On August 26, 2015

The Future of BIM: New Standards to Meet New Demands

Debuting in the 1980s, building information modeling (BIM) tools have redefined the process of designing facilities.

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By On July 17, 2015

Witnessing the Dawn of 3D GIS and Smart Cities – Part II

“Place matters, particularly for local governments,” says Mr. Abhi Nemani, the chief data officer for Los Angeles, which is famed for its enterprise or hub GIS implementation.

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